Find Me Northside
Find Me Northside

If you are familiar with Sister Studios you know that Alice and Emma have built an epic brand. They began their creative journey as uni students with one simple dress designed from two aprons. Entering the fashion scene as a bedroom label they decided early on they had so much more to offer. Sister now hold the audience of over 28,000 loyal Instagram followers, have recently opened their flagship store in North Fitzroy and graced the runway at VAMFF 2019 with their latest collection Heaven Sent.

It was a natural progression for Alice and Emma to go from creating beautiful clothes for their friends to creating them for every sister. Building such an organic following their sisterhood would not be thriving without the authenticity from the girls behind the brand. The energy in the room on the night of the Ladies of Leisurezine event was humble and inspiring. We were all there for the same reason. Hoping to gain some insight from Sister that will help each of us along our own creative paths. We received so much encouraging advice but at the core of it the reoccurring theme was to access your network and utilize your connections. This is the foundation upon which Sister has built it’s success

From pop up shop’s in Sydney to whirl wind adventures in LA the high, high’s have turned dreams into reality for Alice and Emma. Passion and dedication motivate the girls to continue designing and manufacturing beautiful sustainable garments here in Australia. 

If you are keen to check out Sister and meet the girls then pop by the store or join the sisterhood on instagram @sisterstudios