Find Me Northside
Find Me Northside


Taking Find Me Northside from the mood boards you see above to the point it is at today has been a creative journey. I began with an idea to build a fashion blog that also represented my personality and things I am passionate about. I found it challenging to define what exactly that was but through developing various mood boards and composite fashion figures to define my target audience I managed to settle on one idea.

The inspiration for the blog concept comes from my personal interest in the Inner North of Melbourne. I believe the area has so much to offer locals and visitors and know from experience that it is often overlooked. Through the blog I hope to show insight into what it is like living on the Northside and allow my audience the opportunity to have the same experience.

Naming the blog was the most challenging part of the experience. It took a few lists and searches through Google before I locked in ‘Find Me Northside.’ For me it really summarises what the blog is all about, the opportunity to go on a journey and discover something new. I designed the logo to also represent this same concept. Combining a serif font with the location pin graphic and ‘Melbourne’ in a smaller cursive font communicates the message with reader.


The concept for the blog has evolved from the initial idea to the final product but I am really proud of what I have created and hope to continue on this journey creating content for my readers.