Find Me Northside
Find Me Northside

Brunching On Brunswick


I was told once that I had to be living in a place more than half of my life before I could consider myself a local. I think that person was seriously misinformed! I have been living in Collingwood for just over twelve months now and I have never felt more at home. I leave my apartment building and there is café across the street a wine bar next door and everything else you would need a stones throw away. Not to mention my work place and university campus are within walking distance. What is there not to love?  

As I write this blog post I am sitting on Smith St at the Noble experiment one of my regular spots. They stock the Stomping Ground Brewing Co Guava Smash, need I say more. I have spent the morning walking around Brunswick street creating the first Find Me Northside trip to share. I want it to be as epic as possible so I have included a few hots spots and a some of hidden gems along the way. This trip is a good introduction to the area around Brunswick St in Fitzroy. If you are here for the weekend or just moved to town click the link below to ‘Brunching on Brunswick’ and go hunting. 

As promised all trips are customizable so if you need some help getting from point A to B let me know and I can tailor it to your wants and needs.