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Find Me Northside



The epic ness that is Lune, if you do not want to que for too long I suggest you plan to arrive 20 minutes before hand. Once the doors are open the line moves quite quickly and you can even order a coffee while you wait. The staff here have their customer service routine mastered and there are croissants baking all day so you won’t miss out!

Brunswick Street

Once you have finished indulging at Lune head towards Brunswick Street. There is a photo opportunity on almost every corner but as you cross over Brunswick Street to continue along Rose St do yourself a favour and look towards Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, it is a pretty impressive sight.

The Fitzroy Mills

The Fitzroy Mills Market has taken up residence in a carpark on Rose St, 9am - 2pm every Saturday. Food focused and surrounded by street art, you will find the best food, coffee and recycled fashion.

The Rose Street Artists Market

Continue your walk along Rose St towards the Rose Street Artists Market, you will not be disappointed. there is plenty of signage around so you won’t loose your way. This market is always full of original art and design, showcasing the best of handmade since 2013.

Industry Beans Fitzroy

Did someone say brunch? Prepare to have your mind blown as well as your taste buds over the feast soon to be before you. Not to mention Industry Beans is most famous for their signature coffee blends that are created in house. Be adventurous and try something new, I recommend the Fitzroy Ice.

*IB can be a bit busy at time’s like most places for brunch, if you don’t want to wait I have listed a few alternative cafe’s below that are close by -

  1. Sir Charles Fitzroy

  2. Bentwood

  3. Alimentari

  4. Grub Fitzroy

  5. Terror Twilight

Time To Shop

Make your way back to Brunswick Street and enjoy browsing the boutiques as you walk back towards the cathedral. There is something here for everyone ranging from vintage to contemporary fashion. A few shops I recommend -

  1. Flowers Vasette

  2. AS Colour

  3. American Vintage

  4. Arnsdorf

  5. Nobody Denim

  6. Service Denim Store

  7. Assembly Label

  8. Folkstore

  9. Homie Street Store

  10. Gorman

Naked In The Sky

You have earned a drink! If you have reached your shopping quota for the day swing by Naked for Satan and take the elevator up to Naked Rooftop and soak in the view of the city skyline.

Tram Details

I hope you enjoyed walking, eating and shopping your way around! The best way to travel back into the city is on the trams. If you need some guidance download the Tramtracker App (link below), or keep an eye out for these stops -

11 - Brunswick St

86 - Smith St and Gertrude St

96 - Nicholson Street