Find Me Northside
Find Me Northside

A Coffee A day


My morning ritual includes one large soy flat white and on the odd occasion I add half a teaspoon of sugar. This is how I start my day. It can be very predictable at times but knowing each morning when I wake up that it won’t be long until I get to smell the beautiful aroma of freshly brewed beans and my beloved coffee is in my hands can be very relaxing.

A highlight of living in the self-proclaimed coffee capital of Australia means a caffeine hit is never far away. But with such an overwhelming array of choice how do you know where to go? Luckily I am here to help. The best coffee on the northside is usually the hardest to find so I have picked out my top five locations for you to enjoy.

Proud Mary

172 Oxford Street, Collingwood

The most convenient location for me but also for you. Proud Mary is located a short walk from tram stop 18 on route 86. Every time I visit the coffee tastes better! If you consider yourself to be a coffee enthusiast and want to know more take a walk down to Wellington St and check out Aunty Peg’s. You can join a Cupping session and enjoy some of the world’s best coffee brewed just for you by your own personal Barista.

Industry Beans

3/62 Rose Street, Fitzroy

Industry Beans truly has my heart when it comes to locally brewed coffee. I may be slightly bias BUT that does not mean you should not try it out. They change their blends with the seasons and regularly update the menu to compliment their latest brew. The most recent addition is a Cherrywood Smoked Chocolate Cheesecake! You can also see the roasting in action if you visit on a weekday.

To get here you can take the tram and get off at stop 16 on route 96 or stop 16 on route 11.

Terror Twilight

11-13 Johnston Street, Collingwood

The Barista’s at Terror Twilight serve up delicious coffee from Wide Open Road Coffee Roasters. My personal favourite is the Coconut Brew! And if that is not enough to entice you the retro, light filled interior and great tasting menu should get your attention.

To get here you can take the tram and get off at stop 19 on route 86.


237 Napier Street, Fitzroy

Bentwood is located on leafy Napier St in a quiet part of Fitzroy nestled between Smith, Gertrude & Brunswick St. You could not ask for a better location. The cafe has a classic, chic interior that is cosy and full of light. Every dish on the menu is Insta worthy and Inglewood Coffee Roasters is on offer.

To get here you can take the tram and get off at stop 14 on route 86 or stop 15 on route 11.

Faraday’s Cage

325-329 Gore Street, Fitzroy

If you have a sweet tooth and enjoy a treat with your morning coffee then you need to visit Faraday’s Cage. They bake all of their sourdough and pastries in house using traditional techniques. Serving up Dukes Coffee Roasters including cold brew and filter along with the classic options. Breakfast and lunch are available all day and they have a secret back entrance, let me know if you can find it!

To get here you can take the tram and get off at stop 19 on route 86 or stop 16 on route 11.